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Friday, 23 Feb 2018

History of the San Juan Nepomuceno's Faculty.


Construction began in 1765 and although it was inaugurated on May 30, 1810 the official date of completion of the work was January 4, 1811, but construction was not the only conflict but also its baptism, as the real name of this building is the Real Seminario Conciliar confused by most of the people of Santa Marta who call it San Juan Nepomuceno Faculty or House of Culture. Located at the corner of Grand Street (Street 17th) and Seminar Alley (2nd Avenue), initially, the building was built as a settlement for the Real Seminario Conciliar of Santa Marta; however, this building has been home to many functions of political, social and cultural history of Samaria. Locals remember it was also hit hard by the risings of the Manzanares River in ancient winter times.

San Juan Nepomuceno's Faculty Today


Today the building has been recovered to be converted in the San Juan Nepomuceno Cultural Center, which revives and preserves part of the historical and cultural heritage of the city. This building was declared as a Nationals Architectural Heritage structure under the following Decree 2009-5-XV-1996. For the last 2 decades it has loaned its spaces for all sorts of cultural events such as book launches, lectures, art exhibitions and poetry readings among other activities supported by the Magdalena Government.

St. John of God Senate

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History of St. Juan de Dios Faculty



The building, with its art deco structure, hosted the old San Juan de Dios Hospital, declared a national monument on April 16, 1999 and was built in 1760 by the group of the same name. In the twentieth century, this public charity operated under the administration of the Julio Mendez Barreneche Central Hospital.

San Juan de Dios Faculty Today


The San Juan de Dios Faculty currently works as the office of the Ethnographic Museum of the Magdalena University.