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Friday, 23 Feb 2018

Church of San Francisco

Wednesday, 09 February 2011 02:34 Published in Santa Marta Historical Downtown


History of the Church of San Francisco



This Church was home to many changes over the past centuries. The Franciscans had left the city in 1821, but then returned 25 years later, in 1946 at the request of the bishop of the diocese. Then after a fire on 29 June 1962, it took more than a year to start the construction of the new church, but it was not until 1964 that the temple could be opened solemnly.

The current parish office of the convent was later remodeled in June 1997 to be completed and solemnly blessed on June 6, 1998, after this it hasn´t undergone many changes other than the church´s plaza, which was remodeled thanks to the plan to remodel the Historic Downtown.

San Francisco´s Church Today

Today the Church is directed by Father Jesus Maria Peña Granados who is in charge of guiding the spiritual lives of many people in Santa Marta.

City Hall of Santa Marta

Sunday, 23 January 2011 20:45 Published in Santa Marta Historical Downtown


It was in 1530, where the construction on the first floor served as a prison and the second floor had the government agencies. In 1666, it was the seat of Provincial Government, and then it became host of the Government. In the early eighteenth century it officially became the Town Hall or City Hall but with different names.

Customs House

Sunday, 23 January 2011 20:45 Published in Santa Marta Historical Downtown


History of the Customs House.


This building is considered to be the first architectural structure made by the Spanish not only in the city but in South America, located in the historical center (or downtown) of Santa Marta, which was where the city originally was founded and which has survived fires and earthquakes. The Customs House has also gone through many names and functions; at first it was the Government House, then the Customs Consulate, hence its name, which was a sort of Chamber of Commerce of the time. It was the only house in the world that had the privilege of having alive and dead the Liberator Simón Bolívar, since his body lied in burning chamber in the Hall on the second floor.

Customs House Today




Today, Customs House hosts the Museo del Oro (Gold Museum), which is a regional museum of the Banco de la Republica where you can see a collection of jewelry made by indigenous Tayrona and everything related to the culture of that wonderful race, ancient inhabitants of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Madame Augustine's House

Sunday, 23 January 2011 20:45 Published in Santa Marta Historical Downtown


History of Madame Augustine's House.



Located at the corner of Calle Real and Calle Grande (17th street), with Callejon Real or Callejon Don Pedro Salas (4th Avenue) in the historic city center, this house which is a colonial jewel was built in 1745. In it lived an elegant French lady called "Madame Augustine." Gossip claims she had an affair with Dr. Alejandro Prospero Reverand, who was the doctor who attended the last 17 days of life of our Liberator Simon Bolivar.

Madame Augustine' House Today


Today this beautiful mansion is home to the Empresa Turística y Promocional del Distrito de Santa Marta "ETURSA" (Tourism Company of Santa Marta).

History of the San Juan Nepomuceno's Faculty.


Construction began in 1765 and although it was inaugurated on May 30, 1810 the official date of completion of the work was January 4, 1811, but construction was not the only conflict but also its baptism, as the real name of this building is the Real Seminario Conciliar confused by most of the people of Santa Marta who call it San Juan Nepomuceno Faculty or House of Culture. Located at the corner of Grand Street (Street 17th) and Seminar Alley (2nd Avenue), initially, the building was built as a settlement for the Real Seminario Conciliar of Santa Marta; however, this building has been home to many functions of political, social and cultural history of Samaria. Locals remember it was also hit hard by the risings of the Manzanares River in ancient winter times.

San Juan Nepomuceno's Faculty Today


Today the building has been recovered to be converted in the San Juan Nepomuceno Cultural Center, which revives and preserves part of the historical and cultural heritage of the city. This building was declared as a Nationals Architectural Heritage structure under the following Decree 2009-5-XV-1996. For the last 2 decades it has loaned its spaces for all sorts of cultural events such as book launches, lectures, art exhibitions and poetry readings among other activities supported by the Magdalena Government.

Simon Bolivar Park

Sunday, 23 January 2011 20:44 Published in Santa Marta Historical Downtown


Simon Bolivar Park History



Located in front of the Customs House this park is also called Plaza de Armas (Arm´s Plaza) and Plaza de la Constitution (Constitution´s Plaza), bears this name since 1830 when the Liberator Simon Bolivar was veiled in the Customs House. It was officially opened in 1845 and in 1846 welcomed the marble fountain which was brought from Genoa (Italy).

Simon Bolivar Park Today


Today Bolivar Park hosts the gatherings of retirees from the City Hall, Government and teachers among others, who are in charge of spending the day telling old stories and talking about politics.

Couple's Park

Sunday, 23 January 2011 20:44 Published in Santa Marta Historical Downtown

History of the Parque de los Novios (Couples Park)


Built on a dry lake that was the initial site of the public market of Santa Marta, and is perhaps the place that has excelled in the city over the years (108 approximately).
It was named Santander Park, a tribute to general and vice president of New Granada and was remodeled over time to become a park where they did retreats, for what came to be called Plaza de los Novios.

Parque de los Novios Today


Located on front of the Justice House it’s a place where tourists and residents gather to enjoy the bars and restaurants that are around. The park is now a symbol of Santa Marta which reflects the excellent nightlife of the city.

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